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At the core of Team Phoenix is a dedicated group of sports and medical professionals and mentors committed to giving cancer women the support they need post diagnosis.

Many women finish treatment and are left to pick up the pieces on their own. They are often worried about recurrence, changes to their bodies and a report lack of confidence, even depression. They need a support group that can understand them inside and out. At Team Phoenix we aim to destroy this lonely feeling and give women a new kind of family that will stand by them for life.

The mind, body and soul are all seriously affected by the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. At Team Phoenix, we aim to regenerate this inner trinity and allow women to fly again.




MIND- Many cancer survivors are mentally impacted by the disease. They often do not seek any therapy or support at all even though studies have shown depression of survivors can be 70% higher than cancer free peers. Team Phoenix allows participants to share, bond and heal the mind without explicitly seeking help and advice. In addition to training together, the athletes are invited to join social events to increase contact with their fellow survivors.



BODY- Pages and pages have been written about the positive correlation between exercise and both quality of life and cancer remission. At Team Phoenix, athletes will have the support of trained coaches and mentors. Our 5 month programme can be tailored to any ability. Participants will start on an exercise regime which will increase their physical fitness and bring back bodily strength post treatment. We invite all women regardless of physical ability to join us!



SOUL- At Team Phoenix, we know that it is impossible to cross a finish line without feeling a deep sense of fulfilment and joy. It is this self-actualization that will provide a meaningful renewal in each and every participant’s soul. Tears will be shed.


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