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The Firebirds Take Flight at Hever Castle

The Team Phoenix ladies dared to dream and that dream came true! Every last one of the 9 Firebirds took the finish line by storm and wrapped a medal around their necks (one of them even wore it Monday morning to work!). Spread your wings and fly ladies... you deserve the resurrection!

The joy, tears, aches, pains, fears and pride all came out around the course at Hever Castle Triathlon. Some of the Firebirds started their mornings bright and early getting taped, massaged and pepped up by the talented John of 8th Element. The group then assembled together with our support network from MedwayTri who helped keep the athletes calm(ish) by making sure that every last lady had everything she needed to get around the course. Dean Radcliffe, our Head Coach, even had to source last minute spanners! He ran around like a true gent!

The nerves were serious in transition but together the gals stood strong. The folks from the Castle Triathlon series couldn't have been more attentive. They tried their best to make a fuss and draw attention to our courageous group of triathletes and the 9:30 wave nearly all filled up their goggles with tears before even taking the first stroke after a gushing word from the main announcer.

What happened around the course is so important, but also so personal to each unique woman. They all had their mantras and their purpose. What's equally as compelling is what happened after the race. Judging from the social media posts, the desire within the ladies to do more events and stay healthy, the need to stay in touch with those who have shared their experience and desire to stare down cancer til it knows who's boss... it makes all of the support team at Team Phoenix feel that the first year of Team Phoenix was a great success.

We are so grateful to all of our partners, sponsors and volunteers but most importantly, we could never thank these first 9 Firebirds enough for taking the plunge. We hope that our brave bunch know that by getting across the line at Hever Castle they have inspired many more generations of women to believe in life after cancer. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM PHOENIX. You are all officially heroes.

If you would like to get involved in any way: as an athlete, volunteer, fundraiser or friend of any kind, please contact us!

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