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Raising cash for inspiring breast cancer survivor Tri Team!

We had an absolute blast, for our first fundraiser it really was a major success! In partnership with META Studios an UBER Bootcamp was held at St George Hotel, Chatham, last night (15th June).

Bootcamp for Team Phoenix

We raised £475 so far, about 30 people attended, we commenced with a welcome by Ross Cowan from META Studio and Sarah Appleby did a wonderful talk all about the programme. There were 4 fitness stations with META fitness instructors putting everyone through their paces; Hiits, Boxercise, paper-plate core workout(it was hard!) and bootcamp style fitness.

The work out was just over an hour long, with a lovely team spirited cool down, lots of high fives and sweaty hugs going on LOL! There were 4 business stands, Living Juice (Raw juice Co), Body Therapy Co (sports massage oils), 8th Element (Sports physio) and pole dancing company Bewitched.

The essence of the breast cancer charity really came across, the message that exercise assists with mental well being, team work lifts the spirit and how the Team Phoenix programme works. The attendees sincerely wanted to help, so many offers of kind thoughts and well wishing.

AND ending on another positive note, we believe one person as a result is thinking about doing the tri to help raise funds too! If you think you could do a TRI to help raise funds for Team Phoenix, CONTACT US

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