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Hever Castle Triathlon - time to dive in!

We are super excited about the agreement that we can develop our own Team Phoenix Triathlon team 2016! So, if you have had breast cancer and you're ready to get fit and face a new challenge, let's do this together.... Saturday 24th September 2106

It's simple, Team Phoenix provide all the kit, diretary advice, set the fitness training to get you triathalon ready! We're not here to smash any records, we're here to bring new life and light to ... let's face it a bloody hard time. We're hard, we're tough and we're ready. Together we can do this.

Just so you're sure, we'll provide:

- Race entry

- Bike

- Bike shorts

- Running shoes

- Team Phoenix t-shirts

- Wetsuit-Bike helmet

- Coaching

- Training

- Personalised training plans

- Team building nights

If you think you are ready to go for it, train and make some friends who you will will get to know very well... contact us


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