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How the Team Phoenix programme is in full swing!

We have amazing and inspiring ladies who are fully committed to Team Phoenix's training programme - all getting prepared for the Sprint Tri at Hever Castle with Castle Triathlons!

Health Assessment

The women weighed and measured and then hooked up to gas masks and ropes to measure their VO2 Max and heart rates just like pro athletes on the Tour de France. They will go back in the Autumn for assessment 2 where they will be able to compare their results against pre-training and see just how far they've come!


We are fortunate enough to have a fantastic partnership with the one and only Dean of Medway Tri. His full support has led to each athlete receiving a unique training plan and loads of top tips to help them improve performance, prevent injury and improve stamina and endurance. Not to mention learn more about the sport of Triathlon!

Team Building

Our athletes have been very active in their Secret Facebook Group, supporting one another, sharing fears, successes and planning meeting to train together. It's been wonderful to see the friendships grow. Team Phoenix is all about the TEAM.

So, How are the athletes getting on?

Please check out team of athletes who, at the beginning of this journey shared one thing in common: Breast Cancer. Now they are full team athletes filled with the spirit of Team Phoenix! Here are just some small snippets of their journeys to date:

Paula Brindley

"Since deciding I would join the Team Phoenix ladies on the triathlon, I have given myself lots of training goals to work towards- when something is in the diary, you have to! No excuses! So I have joined the Kent Velo Girls and completed a 50 mile cycle this week to Hastings, I have also joined NOWCA to get in some lake training and I am looking for help now to get running. I will be taking my trainers on holiday! The fitness test was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to see what a difference this training has made. I am very spurred on by the other ladies and seeing what everyone is achieving."

Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan photo 2 (8)

Sarah has been a star in the making, fully committed and full of vigor, even some noises of her training from Lake Garda! Well if you're going to try a lake swim you may as well do it in style huh?! Sarah gave us some insights just the other day "I had a breakthrough this morning! A month or so ago I couldn't swim front crawl at all. One Olympic session with Dean and the ladies, three one to one lessons and lots of practice later I finally swam 20 lengths freestyle (25 m pool)! Ok I had to have a mini break at the end of each length but I am so proud of myself! (Also swam 40 m breast stroke so 60 lengths - 1500 m in total - probably the furthest I ever ever swum!). What a STAR!

Sharon Griffin

Sharon has been even training whilst on holiday all the way from Gran Canaria - there's no stopping her! Here are some awesome pics of here training from the UK and abroad. "I was diagnosed in 2010 and have had a relapse in 2014 requiring 11 hours of surgery and another round of Chemo. This challenge is one I have chosen to do and one that is fully supported by the Team Phoenix Foundation."

Getting together for a bootcamp!

Nicky, Donna and Sharon decided to get together for a bootcamp - so all round fitness taken into consideration for our Team Phoenix 2016!

Please do join us on the journey either via Facebook or Twitter

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